Market Report Jan 14th, 2019

Local Produce

  • Local supply of peaches and nectarines is increasing and will peak in January.  Prices will continue to drop as supply increases.  We will be seeing a large variety of plums start very shortly.
  • Mango supply is now coming from Carnarvon, the variety is Kensington Pride.
  • Red and green seedless grapes are readily available, the Swan Valley season has started and prices have eased.
  • Strawberries are now coming from the South West region and South Australia, the local season has finished.  Quality remains average as they are affected by heat.
  • Locally grown watermelon is now starting, prices will ease as the supply starts to come through.  Rockmelon is back in good supply with prices dropping.
  • We are seeing some local sugar snap and snowpeas coming through, prices will remain high until supply increases.
  • Locally grown figs have just started coming through, although the prices remains very high.
  • Banana prices are rising due to a hot spell in QLD which has affected the flowering of plants.  Expect prices to be higher for the rest of January.
  • Pineapples are in light supply, prices have risen.

Imported Produce

  • Kiwi Fruit is currently coming from Italy and the US now that the New Zealand season has finished.
  • Lemons are now coming from USA and Egypt until the local growing season starts again, prices will be higher while we are relying on imports.  Supply is light resulting in higher prices, juicing produce is extremely short supply.
  • The local season of asparagus has ended.  Produce is now coming from Victoria and we will start to see more imported produce.  Prices are rising due to freight cost. 

Produce Shortages

  • Lemons are in short supply and the quality is average.
  • Apples are in very short supply.  Juicing apples are literally unavailable.  There will be no change to this situation until new season apples start to come through in March.  Expect prices to continue to rise until then.
  • Sugar Snap peas are in short supply.

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