Market Report July 16th

Local Produce

  • Apples:  Excellent supply & prices across all varieties.
  • Asparagus:  Locally grown is available.
  • Avocados:  Supply from QLD has dropped this week, prices have risen.
  • Basil:  Very expensive and in short supply due to cold, slow growing conditions, and stock loss due to frost.
  • Berries:  The local season of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries has started, prices are falling as supply increases.
  • Celery: Very short supply, expect prices to remain high.
  • Citrus:  Imperial mandarins in good supply.  Navel oranges in season.
  • Ginger:  New season ginger is available, expect prices to drop as supply increases.
  • Lettuce:  Coral and Festival in short supply, expect supply to return to normal in August.
  • Limes:  Supply is shortening up, prices are increasing. 
  • Pears:  In heavy supply, low prices.
  • Pineapple: Very low numbers coming in from QLD resulting in very high prices, particularly the Gold Bethonga variety.  The best value at the moment is a top on pineapple.
  • Pomegranate:  Local season has ended.
  • Potatoes: Low supply on Blue and Red due to the cooler weather.  This is also affecting the size of the produce, resulting in very small potatoes.   
  • Pumpkin:  Supply is improving, expect prices to drop across all varieties.
  • Tomatoes:  Local supply is improving so expect prices to continue dropping.  Cooking tomatoes are carrying some water damage due to recent rain. 

Imported Produce

  • Asparagus:  The local season has started but also still  being imported from Mexico and Peru, quality is excellent.
  • Grapes:  Imported from the USA, very high prices and supply is inconsistent.
  • Mango: Imported from Mexico
  • Pomegranates:  We will be moving over to imported produce in the coming weeks.
  • Stonefruit:  Nectarines, plums, and peaches are being imported from the USA.

Produce Shortages

  • Basil:  Short supply and expensive due to cold weather crop damage.
  • Coral & Festival lettuce: unable to secure consistent supply at this stage
  • Celery:  Short supply affecting price.
  • Potatoes:  Royal Blue and Ruby Red in short supply, & very small in size.
  • Snowpeas:  In short supply.

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