Market Report December 17

                     Local Produce

  • Local supply of peaches and nectarines is increasing and will peak in January.  Prices will continue to drop as supply increases.
  • Apricot supply is increasing. 
  • Local cherries are coming through, however the quality is average.  South Australian fruit is the best quality option at this stage. 
  • Mango supply is a little light so pricing is not easing yet.  The varieties available are Calypso and Parvian and are coming from Broome WA.
  • Red and green seedless grapes are readily available, prices will start to drop when the Swan Valley season starts in early Jan.
  • Avocados are in good supply and the price is stable.
  • Strawberries will increase in price as we head towards Christmas, as demand is higher.
  • Watermelon is now coming from Carnarvon as the Ord River season has finished.  Prices are a little higher than usual.
  • There is a slight tightening of supply on Roma and Round Tomatoes, celery, zucchini and brocolli.  Prices will be higher until this improves.

                      Imported Produce

  • Kiwi Fruit is currently coming from Italy and the US now that the New Zealand season has finished.
  • Lemons are now coming from USA and Egypt until the local growing season starts again, prices will be higher while we are relying on imports.  Supply is light resulting in higher prices.
  • The local season of asparagus has ended, with supply now coming from Victoria, Peru and Mexico.

                   Produce Shortages

  • Field and Portobello Mushrooms remain light, however the supply on Button and Cup Mushrooms is back to normal.
  • Rockmelon and Honeydew Melon are in very light supply and the quality is average.
  • Lemons are in short supply and the quality is average.
  • Apples are in very short supply.  Juicing quality is very hard to get and prices are rising across all varieties.
  • Due to Christmas demand strawberries are a little short and the prices reflect this.

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